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We have many major banks trained by us which proved help in maintain the productivity and sales in the Top-Tier standards


Provides the most effective skill-based training that will propel your company’s employees, managers. salespeople, sales managers, top executives to reach organizational goals in sales, marketing, service and in operations.


We ensure that our clients get our full support with a roster of expert trainers, instructors and practitioners from the financial services, we can customize different types of training materials to suit your organizational training and development needs.

About Tandika Learning Institute

Improves and construct the most important aspect in business which is Human Capital through training and improves knowledge with International Standards specialize in Banking and Insurrance Company


Becoming a Training and Education Center for the Financial Services Sector.


Improve and build the most important sectors in all fields, namely: Human Resources, especially in the field of financial services (financial services) through training and development 

Unique value proposition

Real Play - Simulation & Canvasing

Real Case Studies & Examples

Role Play Training

Customize Programs

Instructor's Banking & Insurance Experience & Track Record

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Responsible for make everything possible
Angela Tjahjadi De Leon

Angela Tjahjadi De Leon


Professinal Certification:
- Fellow Life Management Institute (FLMI)
- Associate Financial Services Institute (AFSI)
- Associate Customer Service (ACS)
- Associate Insurance Agency Administration (AIAA)

Master Trainer for banks and insurance companies

Vincent E. M. De Leon

Vincent E. M. De Leon


Professional Certification:
- Fellow Life Management Institute (FLMI)
- Associate Financial Services Institute (AFSI)
- Professional Customer Service (PCS)

Master Trainer for banks and insurance companies

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