TANDIKA Learning Institute for Financial Services



To become the “The Professional School” for the Indonesian financial services sector.


To assist the financial services companies in professionalizing the most important capital of an organization, that is, the HUMAN CAPITAL through effective training and development and through
proven sales, service, credit and operational consultancy.


visiINTEGRITY : We strive to keep our business in the utmost integrity and respecting the company’s good corporate governance in all aspects of our work and relationship

QUALITY : We continue not just to keep our quality but to upgrade and improve the quality of our training, development and consultancy in order to provide more value to our corporate customers

RESPONSIVENESS : We strive in any way to be as responsiveness to all the needs, queries, concerns and issues of our corporate clients.

SPEED : We believe to provide the service in a fast pace in order to keep up with the fast pace of the business of our corporate customers

PROFESSIONALISM : We embrace professionalism in all aspects of our work in order that our corporate customers will keep on using our services in the long term.